Business Launch and a Bridal Show

My year of amazing professional firsts continues! This past Saturday, I was one of many vendors at the first annual A Montana Wedding: The Bridal Event. I’ve attended various bridal shows before to meet other vendors and network, but this year, as part of the official launch of my business, I took the leap and set-up a booth of my own. It was a really awesome experience. I met a lot of great couples, and some super cool vendors, not to mention I debuted my brand new logo!

I went back and forth with a lot of ideas for what the theme and overall look of my booth would be. It had to be something inspirational, but also a reflection of who I am. Having access to a family collection of antiques really helped fulfill my love of all things vintage, and the design was created.

bridal show,

The highlights of the booth included a table set with antique china, courtesy of my mother-in-law, ceramic birds, and a eucalyptus table runner. The centerpiece was created with large white roses, a peony, and lambs ear. Antique tri-fold doors displayed some shots from the rustic photo shoot I styled last fall.

bridal show,  bridal show,  bridal show,

 On the buffet, I had some old books and lanterns, which highlighted pictures from some of the weddings I’ve worked on in the past. And the centerpiece of the buffet? A naked cake! (Yes, I made it 🙂 Considering I’m not a baker, I’m pretty darn happy with how it turned out)

bridal show, bridal show, bridal show,

bridal show,

I’m glad I took the time to make the cake, I was the only booth with a naked cake on display, and it was a huge hit with show-goers. And how about those peonies? Love them!

The overall design was rounded out with a wedding dress, and my lovely little info table.

bridal show,  bridal show,  bridal show,

I absolutely love the way the booth turned out, and the experience was totally worth it! I’d say it was a pretty great way to spend my Saturday!

Shout out to the ladies at Under Canvas, Country Flower, and Diamond Rock and Soul for being awesome booth neighbors.

2 thoughts on “Business Launch and a Bridal Show

  1. ChipperChelseaKay says:

    I don’t know anything about weddings, but that display looks beautiful!! It has such a homey feel that would make me walk right to it. Especially the antiques! I’ve gone antique shopping my entire life (literally, my mom and I went as a baby and continue to go) I’m glad you enjoyed your Saturday!

    • tligas says:

      Thank you! That was the feeling I was hoping to create, so I’m glad other people can connect to it as much as I did. I appreciate your feedback!

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