I said “Yeah, I think I like this one” to the dress

This post is going to be short and sweet, but before I get too deep into this post, let me explain the title. Last week I bought my wedding dress–it’s beautiful, and I really like it a lot–but I never had that “Oh my gosh, this is my dress” cry my eyes out moment. My soon to be mother in law and sister in law didn’t either. In fact, it took a little bit of convincing to get them on board with the dress (there were other dresses that they liked better)

After trying on 7 gowns, and putting my favorite back on for a 2nd time, I finally asked my fantastic consultant Megan if I had to have the emotional breakdown. I mean, that’s how all the women on TV knew they picked the right dress, so how was I supposed to “know” if I didn’t have the same reaction? She almost laughed a little, and it’s weird but it made me feel better. I trust her. She’s a professional. And the truth is, it’s totally ok NOT to cry. I knew I liked it, but adding a few clips to help it fit better, a petticoat, a belt, and a birdcage veil transformed it into something I REALLY liked. The more I wore it the better it felt. And the better I felt, the better my family felt. It wasn’t the color I was hoping for, it had a train I wasn’t planning on, and it didn’t have sleeves like I thought I wanted, but man, it just felt good. And when I heard the words from my MIL  “That fits you, your personality” I was sold. Ok, that and my SIL chiming in “Ryan is going to love your boobs in that dress” didn’t hurt either, haha!

But in all seriousness, I didn’t have the “I’m in love” or “I never want to take it off” feeling. What I did have was the deep down, “I can’t wait to show Ryan. Do you think this is going to make my dad cry?” moment. That was more than enough for me to feel confident in my decision.

I completely envision this dress as being a part of my future memories, and those memories are going to be awesome.

Special thanks to the ladies at After 5 and Weddings for being so great!

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