Simple Elopement Styled Shoot

One of the things I love most about being in the business of weddings is seeing how special and unique each wedding is. Some folks want to throw a big party, surrounded by friends and family. Other couples would rather keep it short and sweet–hosting a ceremony with just a few witnesses, or even simpler as just husband, wife, and officiant. That was the inspiration behind this mini-shoot with Simple Reflections Photography.

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We wanted this elopement shoot to be simple, sweet, and romantic. We set up a picnic blanket and accented it with an antique basket, vintage jar lanterns, and a delicious pie. Our bride was decked out in an adorable dress from Moda Fashion Truck. She carried a simple bouquet of white hydrangeas, and our groom stayed casual in jeans and a tie.

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Can we talk about how stinkin’ cute this real life husband and wife are? Seriously the most perfect models for this shoot! 🙂

Here are a few more images for your viewing pleasure–Enjoy!

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Interested in Eloping? We’re happy to help! We offer an elopement package that’s almost completely customizable and would love to talk with you about your dreams for your day.



A few reasons to say “I Do” in Bozeman

I may be a bit biased here, but Montana is a seriously incredible state. Not only are we home to 2 national parks, but we have countless acres of state parks and forests, tall mountains, vast plains, national monuments, ghost towns–I could go on for days.

Bozeman, located in Southwest Montana, is an amazing place to live, work, and get married. Here’s a few reasons you should consider saying “I Do” in our little piece of paradise.

Incredible local vendors

Rustic Fall Inspired Shoot by History in the Making Special Events, photographed by  MerissaLambert006  StyledShoot-49  oysters  MerissaLambert020

Here in the Bozeman area, we’re lucky to have an abundance of amazing vendors who can make your day everything you’re hoping for. Beyond the typical vendors, you can also find a variety of food trucks, dozens of bands and musicians (and we’re not talking crappy about wedding singers), liquor infused cupcakes, and a fresh oyster bar, to name just a few of our local gems.

Venues for all styles (and budgets)

deco11  deco9  lepetit

Whether you’re dreaming of a gorgeous rustic barn, an upscale ballroom, or a Victorian style mansion, we’ve got it covered! With so many options, there are price points to fit most any budget, from city owned venues priced at a few hundred dollars to luxury properties that run at several thousand. The best part? You’re guaranteed mountain views at almost every single venue, and no matter the style of the venue, there is always a feeling of authentic Bozeman.

Plenty to keep your bridal party and guests busy

main-street museum-of-the-rockies trail DA-bozone-8567

Best know as the “Gateway to Yellowstone”, Bozeman provided countless other opportunities for locals and tourists to get out and about every day.

Love shopping? We have a fair share of well known chain stores, and our Main Street is lined with small, locally owned businesses, restaurants, art galleries, and coffee shops.

If you enjoy history, Bozeman is home to the American Computer Museum, the Pioneer Museum, and the world famous Museum of the Rockies.

For the adventurous folks, Bozeman offers the “Main Street to the Mountains” trail system. There are 45 miles of trails within city limits alone–and hundreds more if you want to get out of town. Some of the most popular city trails are: The M hike, Bozeman Pond Trail, and the Highland Ridge Trail. Looking for something more? Check out the 6 rock climbing boulders scattered around the city for a fun climbing challenge.

After a hard day of adventuring,  quench your thirst at one of Bozeman’s local breweries. There are several breweries and tasting rooms to choose from, as well as a vodka distillery located downtown. Take a short road trip to the small town of Ennis to get a taste of Montana moonshine (and be sure to stop for a dip at Norris Hot Springs on the way)

Interested in learning more about getting married in Bozeman? Let’s chat! We love working with local AND destination couples to bring their wedding ideas to life.

Photo Cred: Missy Short Photography, Merissa Lambert Photography, Silver Orchid Photography, and Tracy Montoya Photography.

History in the Making and Marriage Equality

First, let me apologize for posting an uncharacteristically heavy topic. I know there is quite a bit of controversy around the idea of marriage equality, and it can bring out a lot of strong emotional responses from people on both sides of the issue. My goal with this blog post isn’t to create negative feelings, but I’m aware that, as with any controversial topic, someone will probably disagree with me. That’s fine. I just feel that this is a topic I need to take a minute to discuss.


On a personal level, I am completely behind the idea that love is love, regardless of gender, religion, or race. I have friends in the LGBTQ community, and their sexual orientation doesn’t change my mind about who they are as people. We were childhood friends before they “came out”, and we remain friends after, simply because we are friends. Who they find attractive or fall in love with doesn’t change the years of memories we created, it doesn’t degrade them or make them any less great. We are friends, and part of being friends is accepting each other unconditionally for who we are. If we can’t do that, how were we ever friends to begin with?

But this post goes a little deeper than this, since I’m also a business owner.

To be honest, it was never a question in my mind about whether or not I would coordinate same-sex marriages if the opportunity arose. I know there are other business owners struggling with this, because it really can be an issue of faith vs. finances. Choosing to work with same-sex couples to create their wedding day is a personal choice each vendor will have to think about and make on their own. I’m sure there will be businesses that choose not to provide services for gay marriages. For my company, I proudly choose to support every couple who loves each other and wants to commit to spending their lives together. I believe every love story is different and beautiful. When two people love each other so much, it should be celebrated.

I’ve accepted that this could impact my future client base. I know there will be clients who choose not to work with me based on the fact that I support same-sex marriage. That’s ok! I respect their beliefs, just as I hope they can respect mine.

To keep this blog post short and sweet, I stand confident in my decision to be a supporter of same-sex marriage, and am looking forward to creating a network of other vendors who feel the same. Happy Tuesday, everyone!